iCAN permanently ceased all program operations on June 30th, 2016. All inquiries may be directed to info@icansbc.org

Visual Arts Program

The iCAN Visual Arts Program is committed to inspiring and sustaining quality arts instruction as a fundamental part of every child’s education regardless of their experience, income or location. Founded in 2005, the Visual Arts Program provides professional teachers, fully equipped art studio classrooms and all instructional materials at the city's most economically disadvantaged schools.

Serving nearly 3,000 students in eight SBUSD elementary schools, the Visual Arts Program promotes collaboration between iCAN teaching artists and generalist teachers, school leaders and cultural community organizations while working to infuse the arts and creativity at each campus.

In the Classroom

Each school with an active Visual Arts Program provides and maintains a dedicated art room and establishes time in classroom scheduling for iCAN Art. Students in 1st through 6th Grade receive fifty minutes of art instruction every week. One full-time iCAN teaching artist and one professional art assistant are assigned to each campus where they remain involved with the student population and school happenings, year round iCAN is committed to creating equity and maintaining access to all students at neighborhood schools. Student artists participate in high quality art making across three standards-based pathways that include:

  • Art production –where students are taught the elements and principles of various art forms.
  • Perception –of works of art to understand the process of artists and to make links between their own and other artists work.
  • Reflection –where students assess their work according to their own personal goals and standards of excellence.

The focus of this approach is grounded in the personal and social development of every child, including the cultivation of creativity, self-expression, innovation, perseverance, self-discipline, reflection and the ability to work collaboratively – all important skills young people will need to become successful and productive members of the community.

In the Community

To celebrate the accomplishments of our students, iCAN hosts annual art shows, community exhibitions, and specially commissioned public art projects outside the classroom, throughout each school year. These opportunities are specially selected and designed for students to experience the value of community through creative expression and inspiration and to be honored as artists. Each iCAN student showcases their art at least once a year during public events attended by families, friends, and the greater iCAN Network of supporters. We invite you to visit our Calendar and join us for our next event and celebration.